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Price: $404 - Four 60 min Treatments
$519 - Four 80 min Treatments
$628 - Seven 60 min Treatments
$808 - Seven 80 min Treatments

A little stress is a good thing – but a lot of stress is a very, very bad thing. We can help – with City Magnolia’s Stress Management Plan.

Constantly dealing with the kids? Do you sit and stare at a computer screen all day? In charge of running your own business? You could use a custom massage.

Balance out your muscular tension and increase ease of blood circulation with regular massage treatments from the professional therapists at City Magnolia Luxurious Day Spa.

Make your next appointment to make stress go away. Call us at 301-874-0031 or visit our comfortable, bright, clean, modern spa facilities at 8927 Fingerboard Road off Urbana Parkway in Frederick, Maryland. Click the Book Now link below and schedule a time to feel totally relaxed.

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