Why Do You Need a Facial


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City Magnolia facials are not just for relaxation but also boosts the skin cells with an uplifting charge that can, quite literally, take years off of our clients’ faces! It is definitely an experience to have!

Smooth and Beautiful Skin

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A therapeutic skin treatment is customized to the needs of our each client – treating you like the individual that you are! Our Custom Signature Facial addresses issues such as Skin Congestion, Lack of Radiance, Skin Sensitivity, Fine Wrinkle Lines, and Loss of Firmness leaving your skin feeling smooth and beautiful.


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Our facials start with a skin analysis to determine the right treatment for you. From the moment the facial begins, your body will almost melt and you will feel instantaneous bliss of your mind and soul which helps the skin to calm. Your eyelids drop and you no longer feel the tag of self-consciousness. Beautiful skin is a confidence boost and provides a clear focus on a daily life.


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City Magnolia signature brand is a private label skin care. Our exquisite collection uses naturally derived emulsifiers, surfactants, essential oil fragrances, and mineral based colors. It is paraben-free and cruelty-free, employing eco-friendly clean manufacturing practices.

In your first session

Escape into a complete Peace

At City Magnolia, we invite you to arrive 15 minutes prior to the time of your appointment for Full and Relaxing experience. Please come at your own pace but please be prompt. Robes, slippers, disposable undergarments and towels will be waiting for you with a warm and soothing neck wrap to begin your Escape.

What to Expect from your First Facial Session

Elite Treatment


Ultimate Rejuvenating Facial (NEW)

A powerful intense of anti-aging treatment with ageLOC Youth. AgeLOC Youth is a revolutionary, FDA approved supplement that contains a unique and a powerful ingredient blend which delivers consistent and precise level of nutrients that helps maintain your body's natural ability to fight aging. The result is a firmer and a hydrating skin, while the microcurrent technology drastically diminish the appearance of aging and improves the epidermis resulting in an instant lift and rejuvenated skin.
Great for events where you want your skin to look perfect and amazing.
55 min $129 Book Now

Micro-Resurfacing treatment with the Oxygen Mask

This treatment is a non chemical, pain- free and results speak for themselves. Micro-resurfacing treatment 3-in-1 therapy combines exfoliation of the most skin’s top layers to brush away the appearance of the skin’s imperfections with increased circulation for a gentle, pain free treatment. After the Micro-resurfacing treatment, oxygen mask bubbles up over your skin and dives deep into your pores to give your skin a breath of fresh air.
Works best in a series of 6.
Learn more what Micro-resurfacing treatment with the oxygen mask is for:
* Hyper-pigmentation
* Aging skin
* Laxity
* Eye area
* Fine lines
* Acneic skin
* Rough, uneven skin texture
* Dry & dehydrated skin
* Sensitive skin
* Improving overall skin health
55 min Buy 5 and get 6th one FREE
SAVE $155
$155 Book Now

City Magnolia Signature Facial

Face, eyes, lips, neck, shoulders, arms and even hands get the deluxe treatment you more than deserve. This luxury hydrolifting facial includes four progressive steps that work in synergy to cleanse, hydrate, revitalize and rm the skin. 70 min $164 Book Now

City Magnolia Signature Massage

Our signature massage draws on the element for both healing and beauty. It is literally a head to toe balance and relaxation treatment that will leave you feeling super limber and completely at ease. 70 min $145 Book Now

City Magnolia Tension Relief Massage

Includes Magnolia Tension Balm, hot towels treatment and aromatherapy with Magnolia Muscle Relax essential oil blend. 70 min $145 Book Now

Facial Services


Winter Restoring Facial

Heal and nourish winter skin by pampering in a rich collagen, honey lemon treatment. Skin is exfoliated with a rejuvenating lactic peel which will have epiderm fresh and glowing skin, followed by our organic Collagen Honey lemon mask. 70 min $135 Book Now

Vitamin C Facial

An anti-aging, tightening treatment to counter the skin damaging effects of free radicals, created by stress and sun exposure, includes a powerful lactic & glycolic peel to deep cleanse pores and lighten the skin, followed by an antioxidant Vit.C mask essential in collagen production. 55 min $109 Book Now

Custom-Designed Facial

After analyzing your skin our estheticians will tailor treatments for your individual needs. This includes acne fighting, rosacea calming, or complexion reviving peels that will improve your skin conditions and address skin-care goals. Perfect for those with high levels of anxiety. 55 min $119 Book Now

Ultra-Hydrating Facial

A super hydrating, aromatic facial treatment for anyone with dry, dehydrated skin. Enzymes and AHA-s immediately nourish and deliver hydration deep into the skin to reveal soft, supple skin.This high performance treatment improves moisture retention providing a beautiful radiant complexion. 55 min $99 Book Now

Express Facial

This quick facial is ideal for those on the go.Your skin is cleansed, lightly exfoliated and revived with one of our natural masks. 25 min $66 Book Now

Essential Facial

Enjoy a traditional european treatment with our natural skin care line, a great introduction in the world of facials. This treatment includes scrub exfoliation, light extractions, refreshing face massage and one of our Magnolia’s brand natural masks. 55 min $85 Book Now

Acne Fighting and Deep Pore Treatment

An AHA and BHA facial useful in the treatment of acne, acne scars and pigmentation combined with naturals such as tea tree oil and clay, known for the anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. 55 min $119 Book Now

Teen Facials

An educational facial that uncovers the importance of good, healthy skin care habits at a young age and treats common skin concerns for teens, with emphasis on proper home care and product usage. 45 min $77 Book Now

My First Facial (age 12 and under)

An exciting and fun introduction to facials and skin care. This lovely treatment uses only natural products which will also let pre-teens feeling pampered and grown-up. 25 min $46 Book Now

Additional Specialized Treatments


Resurfacing Peel

An intense exfoliation customized by an esthetician.
Works best in a series of 6.
***Must be booked in advance
15 min $340 for series of 6
SAVE $68
48$ w/ facial or

***Foot & Scalp Treatment

A wonderful 15 minute addition to any facial, begins with a salt scrub and mask to smooth and hydrate the feet and lower legs and ends with a deeply relaxing foot and scalp massage.
***Must be booked in advance
15 min $36 w/ facial

Eye and Lip Revitalizing Treatment

Firms, tightens, de-puff, brightens, and hydrates the skin around the eyes while smoothing and plumping the lip area.
***Must be booked in advance
15 min $57
$37 w/ facial

Paraffin Treatment on Hands, Decollete, or Face

This treatment begins with hands, decollete, or face exfoliation to remove dead skin cells followed by luxurious thermal paraffin resulting in smooth, hydrated skin. All while relaxing your hands covered with warm mittens or booties leaving your hands or feet relaxed, soft and restored.
***Must be booked in advance
15 min $25

Gentlemen's Facials


Sports Facial

This facial is designed to address the skin-care concerns of active men. Helping to relieve clogged pores, repair and heal sun damage and revitalize skin texture. Perfect for golfers and outdoor enthusiasts. 55 min $102 Book Now

Southern Facial

A relaxing facial that addresses the specific needs of male skin, such as razor irritation and ingrown hairs. Exfoliation and deep pore cleansing are followed with a relaxing facial massage and cooling gel mask. 55 min $85 Book Now

Can’t choose one?

No worries, at City Magnolia, we provide an absolutely free consultation, Call now at 301-874-0031 to speak to one of our Massage specialists to guide you through our services.

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About Us

Meet our Team

City Magnolia Day Spa’s team of massage therapists is highly professional and skilled at making you feel relaxed and for a moment escape from all of the stress. All of our therapists are both state licensed and nationally certified. If this is your first massage or if you’ve had hundreds, each of our new City Magnolia massage client is given extra time to consult with a therapist to determine how to best address your individual needs.

Our Story

City Magnolia has been opened and successfully operated for 10 years already. Originally opened by a mother-daughter team of skin care specialists. Based on their recommendation, Vitell lab had created a complete exclusivity and a unique product with the City Magnolia signature brand. Today, we are proud to say that City Magnolia Day Spa continues to carry the City Magnolia signature brand products created by the founders. Our exquisite collection uses naturally derived emulsifiers, surfactants, essential oil fragrances, and mineral based colors. It is paraben-free and cruelty-free, employing eco-friendly clean manufacturing practices.

Our Owners


Meet Alexandra

A long-standing passion of Alexandra’s is to make every room she walked in bright through a touch of healing. Hectic work schedules and tough life decisions are common stressors in our daily lives leading us to neglect our body. Alexandra’s great passion is to help people get on a wellness regime simply by taking a little bit of time to take care of your body and mind. Through her personal journey being a mom and a grandma, Alexandra has learned and believes that taking a short break to dedicate time to oneself is a huge stress reliever.

In a pursuit of her long-term passion, Alexandra graduated from Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage where she learned the power of massage in relieving stress; a term she coined “the healing touch”. After graduation, she gained more experience at Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa. With 100% of customer retention and satisfaction, she decided to spread her expertise in her own limelight by acquiring City Magnolia Day Spa.

At City Magnolia, she fell in love with the local community and the idea of helping people to be happier and more productive with their daily life through the dedication to your own body and mind. She wishes to continue to grow the values and standards at City Magnolia and promote positive community and economic growth in the neighborhood.


Meet Natalya

Natalya had recently moved to Maryland from New Jersey to be closer to her family. Earlier, she ran a small business of women’s accessories and clothes. Owning a business in the fast and upscale environment taught her the value of time and family. Passionate about the belief in devoting time to yourself and giving her clients the opportunity to be pampered in a luxury environment, the transition to City Magnolia Day Spa was a natural fit. Natalya had joined the City Magnolia Day Spa in 2016 and ever since, she feels very lucky to have the chance to bring people the joy of relaxation and beauty. In her free time, Natalya loves to explore the local community and the DC with her son Nick. She also loves cross-stitching; she finds it relaxing to recreate beautiful things herself. Grateful for an amazing group of neighborhood community, Natalya makes sure that new clients are welcomed in a way that has become customary in City Magnolia Day Spa.


Spa Amenities

At City Magnolia, we understand that the experience begins before the treatment. That’s why we’ve created an environment that allows you to begin relaxing the minute you step through our doors. The lighting, music, aromas, and decor are all designed to assist you in achieving a state of peaceful relaxation. We invite you to visit us and Escape from your daily stress.


We begin every body and facial treatment with a breathing exercise with aromatherapy. Our heated tables and soft music will keep you relaxed for the duration of your treatment. We schedule our appointments far enough apart so you can take some extra time to yourself after your service.

Personal Service

After your treatment, you can take advantage of the toiletries and products in our showers: both our men’s and women’s locker rooms are equipped with botanical shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, razors, deodorant, hair products, and brushes.

Frequent Answers and Questions

Personal Property

We do provide lockers for personal items to be stored during your visit; however, we do request that you do not bring valuables to the spa.



Late Arrivals

In the event that you are running late, we will do our best to conduct your full treatment, however, please note that the treatment may need to be shortened in case of conflicting commitment. City Magnolia reserves the right to charge 100% of the service price when accommodating late clients. The reservation of an appointment indicates that City Magnolia has reserved the service time for you and therefore has had to decline other customers business for that particular service time at the spa. In the event your late arrival results in not being able to provide the service due to another conflicting commitment, the “no show” cancellation fee will apply.

Cancellation Policy/Rescheduling

We understand other commitments do come up, we just request a minimum of a 24-hour cancellation policy for any single service booked. A 48-hour cancellation notice is requested for multiple services such as spa packages and groups of 3 or more scheduled Friday through Sunday and “Magnolia’s Solution Plans”. Any and all single cancellations and/or rescheduling requests that occur less than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment will be subject to a fee of 25% from the full price. “No-show” appointments will be subjected to a 100% cost of the service of each scheduled service. All packages must be guaranteed with a gift certificate or a credit card. When you schedule your appointment with City Magnolia, you are agreeing to these policies.

Inclement Weather Policy

The City Magnolia standard policy is that appointments canceled with less than 24-hour notice incur a cancellation fee.  During the winter months, we are willing to make an exception to that rule.  If Frederick County is under a winter weather advisory/warning and you believe that it would be unsafe or impossible for you to travel to your appointment, you may reschedule within the 24-hour window at no charge.

Additionally, in the event of inclement weather, City Magnolia reserves the right to close and cancel appointments for the day if we feel it is unsafe for our clients and staff.

Return Policy

For quality control purposes and to preserve the reputation of our products, we guarantee that none of the items that are purchased from City Magnolia Day Spa are returns from a previous sale. Therefore, we will not offer refunds for product purchases. However, if you are not satisfied with a product, you may return it within 30 days of purchase for store credit or for a one-time product exchange.


Gratuity for exemplary service is discretionary. Unless noted, gift certificates for spa packages do not include gratuities. We accept all major credit cards, for your convenience. Gratuities may be added to your charge card or check.


We respect your privacy, and understand that the more assured you are that your modesty will be protected, the faster you can relax and we can do our work more effectively. That’s why we created an environment that accommodates different levels of privacy. We offer separate men’s and women’s locker rooms with private shower in each. Also, all clients are fully draped during their service.

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