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  1. We do not wax any individuals who are on any medication that thins or exfoliates the skin, including Accutane or Retin-A, or anyone receiving radiation treatments or chemotherapy.
  2. We are unable to treat clients with questionable medical conditions such as Herpes Simplex (cold sores, fever blisters, open wounds, sores healing incisions, infectious diseases, etc).
  3. Cancelation policy: We require at least 24 hours advance notice for cancelation of weekday (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) single services, and at least 48 hours advance notice for cancelation of multiple services booked on the same day, groups of more than 2, spa packages, or Friday/Saturday/Sunday services. Failure to cancel your appointment before the allotted time will result in 25% of the service price charged.
  4. All information received by the client on the form is completely private and confidential.

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