Selecting The New Luxurious Day Spa Services in Frederick MD

If you’ve ever considered getting a massage, why not take the plunge and choose the new luxurious day spa services in Frederick MD? There are many different types of day spa services to offer at the very best day spas in the area, such as City Magnolia, which offers prime services at a professional level to soothe your aches, pains, tensions, or just to help you to have a relaxing afternoon out.

City Magnolia Services

City Magnolia has many services to offer, each designed to provide a great experience that will leave you feeling happier and more relaxed than when you came in. Their day spa treatments in Frederick MD services include:

– Massage and stress relief, to help alleviate pain, stress, increase energy, reduce anxiety, and more

– Facials and Skin Care treatments to help repair damage to your skin, increase hydration, reduce breakouts, and more

– Body wraps and scrubs

– Waxing services

– Makeup services from beauty experts to help you create the perfect look

– Tanning and tinting services to help you achieve your desired look

Which to Choose?

When it comes to picking the right luxurious day spa services in Frederick MD, it can be a bit overwhelming. If you are having any trouble picking the right treatment, simply call up the spa and ask them if they could help you pick out the right service for you.

City Magnolia offers a 20% discount when you buy 7 or more of their Solution Plans, so consider taking advantage of this unique way to get more for less!

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