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Ultimate Rejuvenating Facial (NEW)

A powerful intense of anti-aging treatment with ageLOC Youth. AgeLOC Youth is a revolutionary, FDA approved supplement that contains a unique and a powerful ingredient blend which delivers consistent and precise level of nutrients that helps maintain your body's natural ability to fight aging. The result is a firmer and a hydrating skin, while the microcurrent technology drastically diminish the appearance of aging and improves the epidermis resulting in an instant lift and rejuvenated skin.
Great for events where you want your skin to look perfect and amazing.
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Micro-Resurfacing treatment with the Oxygen Mask

This treatment is a non chemical, pain- free and results speak for themselves. Micro-resurfacing treatment 3-in-1 therapy combines exfoliation of the most skin’s top layers to brush away the appearance of the skin’s imperfections with increased circulation for a gentle, pain free treatment. After the Micro-resurfacing treatment, oxygen mask bubbles up over your skin and dives deep into your pores to give your skin a breath of fresh air.
Works best in a series of 6.
Learn more what Micro-resurfacing treatment with the oxygen mask is for:
* Hyper-pigmentation
* Aging skin
* Laxity
* Eye area
* Fine lines
* Acneic skin
* Rough, uneven skin texture
* Dry & dehydrated skin
* Sensitive skin
* Improving overall skin health
55 min Buy 5 and get 6th one FREE
SAVE $155
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City Magnolia Signature Facial

Face, eyes, lips, neck, shoulders, arms and even hands get the deluxe treatment you more than deserve. This luxury hydrolifting facial includes four progressive steps that work in synergy to cleanse, hydrate, revitalize and rm the skin. 70 min $164 Book Now

City Magnolia Signature Massage

Our signature massage draws on the element for both healing and beauty. It is literally a head to toe balance and relaxation treatment that will leave you feeling super limber and completely at ease. 70 min $145 Book Now

City Magnolia Tension Relief Massage

Includes Magnolia Tension Balm, hot towels treatment and aromatherapy with Magnolia Muscle Relax essential oil blend. 70 min $145 Book Now