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Price: $85 - 55 minutes

Men, admit it: You deserve some southern comfort! The non-alcoholic variety, at least. You should look great – and feel good about it. That’s what our Gentlemen’s Southern Facial is for.

We’ve created a relaxing facial treatment that addresses the specific needs of a guy’s skin – issues like razor irritation and in-grown hairs. We use tested exfoliation techniques, gentle face massage, a gel mask and deep-pore cleanses to relax, cool and soothe your skin and return you to the world looking your best.

Make your next appointment to look your best. Give us a call at 301-874-0031 or run by our professional, full-service Spa facility at 8927 Fingerboard Road off Urbana Parkway in Frederick, Maryland. To book easy, reserve your preferred date and time by clicking the Book Now button below.

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