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Paraffin Hands or Feet Treatment

25 $ Our special Paraffin Hands or Feet Treatment starts with a revitalizing exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. After that, you will enjoy a luxurious, stress-relieving, thermal paraffin wrap. Your skin will be smoother, softer, healthier, and more hydrated. The warm mittens and booties we give you during the treatment will add to your […]


16 $ Feel stress melt away from your muscles as essential-oil aromas waft delicately around the room and embrace you with feelings of complete relaxation. Aromatherapy at City Magnolia Day Spa: It’s heaven scent. Call 301-874-0031 or click the Book Now link below to reserve any of our professional spa services online. The nose knows what’s best.

Hot Stone Sample (Basalt or Himalayan Salt)

21 $ The radiant heat of smooth Hot Stone melts away tension, soothes stiff muscles, and raises the circulation of blood. It also promotes whole-body healing and health, while the vibrant, pink Himalayan salt stones are more helpful for your skin and spirit, basalt stones are ideal for pain relief and other physical benefits. Call 301-874-0031 […]

Eyebrow Microblading and Shading

500 $ One of the newest services offered by City Magnolia is Eyebrow Microblading and Shading. Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup application technique in which a very small instrument (called a nanoblade) is used to enhance or reshape your eyebrows, creating hair-like strokes. In a procedure known as “shading,” appropriate pigmentation is applied to the superficial […]

Magnolia Chronic Pain Management Plan

Four 55-minute Treatments 385 $ Four 80-minute Treatments 500 $ Seven 55-minute Treatments 599 $ Seven 80-minute Treatments 778 $ Pain’s no good. Pain is your body’s indication that something is not right. Pain needs to be treated, and chronic pain must be managed well in order to maintain a high quality of life. City […]

Magnolia Stress Management Plan

Four 55-minute Treatments 374 $ Four 80-minute Treatments 490 $ Seven 55-minute Treatments 582 $ Seven 80-minute Treatments 762 $ A little stress is a good thing – but a lot of stress is a very, very bad thing. We can help – with City Magnolia’s Stress Management Plan. Constantly dealing with the kids? Do […]

Facial Treatment Maintenance Plan

Three 55-minute Treatments 335 $ Six 55-minute Treatments 595 $ Every three to four weeks. For consistently beautiful, healthy skin, skin-care experts recommend that you get a professionally applied facial every three to four weeks. That’s how long it takes skin cells to cycle through their lives and require exfoliation – and that’s where your […]

Five-Session Tinting and Tanning Package

175 $ Look like a million bucks…but don’t let your money go to waste! Take advantage of City Magnolia’s special Five-Session Tinting & Tanning Package and get five (5) relaxing mini-vacations at the spa…for less! Our Five-Session Package is the perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, mom or that special person in your life who […]

Spray Tan

1 session 50 $ 5 sessions 200 $ One of our spa’s most popular services from City Magnolia’s Tinting & Tanning offerings is our traditional Spray Tan, performed on site here at the spa. Performing spray-tanning requires the knowledge and experience of a professional esthetician, to ensure proper distribution and safe application. Rely on City […]

Eyebrow Tint

27 $ Truly, the brows make the face. When your eyebrows look manicured, clean, well-kept, it allows your face to display its full potential for natural beauty. That’s where our Eyebrow Tint treatment comes in. Give your face the best…and it will return the favor. Select from our full range of spa services by visiting City Magnolia […]

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