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Couple’s Massage

80 min 303 $ 55 min 253 $ Romance and Relaxation, Just the Two of You. Sounds quite nice, right? Experience it for real at City Magnolia Luxurious Day Spa, where we offer customized Couple’s Massage packages exclusively for you and that special someone you love. The Couple’s Massage is ideal for newlyweds, recently engaged or […]

Reflexology Massage

88 $ The study of Reflexology relates to the application of pressure to specific points on the feet, resulting in the stimulation of one’s entire body and its functions. A professional massage conducted with the knowledge of Reflexology is a superb method to treat internal glands and organs – part of your overall physical and […]

Hot Stone Therapy Massage

80 minutes 154 $ 55 minutes 123 $ Stiff? Tired? Feeling out of sorts? At City Magnolia, we offer genuine escape…in the form of the unique, time-tested massage therapy known as the Hot Stone Technique. This special variety of therapeutic massage helps you alleviate stiffness, restore energy and feel naturally balanced across body, mind and […]

Prenatal Massage

80 minutes 154 $ 55 minutes 116 $ Excited? When a woman is expecting a child, there’s no greater source of excitement and anticipation. It’s vitally important to maintain an unstressful lifestyle as much as possible to help ensure a successful pregnancy and a healthy bundle of new-baby joy. Count on the licensed massage therapists […]

Sports Massage

80 minutes 139 $ 55 minutes 107 $ 25 minutes 73 $ Get better results from your workouts with a periodic Sports Massage by City Magnolia. Women and men both need to de-stress in between periods of physical exertion so they can perform their best on the field, court or pool. Help recovery from injury, […]

Deep Tissue Massage

80 min 139 $ 55 min 107 $ 25 min 73 $ Ideal for the athlete, weekend warrior or mom-on-the-go, our Deep Tissue Massage treatment uses firm pressure to deeply massage tired, sore muscle tissue and release tension – no matter how long it’s been pent up in there. You’ll find flexibility increased, movement easier and […]

Swedish Massage

80 min 124 $ 55 min 90 $ 25 min 63 $ Using the therapeutic power of Nordic wisdom handed down through the ages, our Swedish Massage combines gliding and kneading movements to stimulate circulation, ease tension and loosen and soothe tight, sore muscles. The perfect massage experience for couples enjoying time feeling amazing together. […]

Warm Rose Oil Massage

80 minutes 149 $ 55 minutes 116 $ 25 minutes 81 $ The Warm Rose Oil Massage at City Magnolia is a blissful experience of profound nurturing. The heavenly rose-scented fragrance combines with warm massage oil to provide a delightful sensory therapy – the perfect treat for highly stressed people. Our therapists personalize your massage, […]

Custom Magnolia Massage

80 minutes 136 $ 55 minutes 104 $ 25 minutes 70 $ Spa-quality massage treatments designed exclusively for you. Our professional massage therapists can customize a personal massage regimen to soften skin, soothe muscles and reduce your body’s pent-up tension and stress. Our Custom Magnolia Massage combines: specially blended aromatherapy oils deep-tissue massage techniques Swedish […]

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