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Valentin P.

Valentin P.

The best massage I’ve had in a long time. Let me tell you, I really felt like I was born again. Very satisfied with the experience. Definitely will be going back. If you wanna treat yourself City Magnolia Day Spa is the place. I promise, you will not be disappointed. They offer tea with chocolate in the waiting room. Not a fan of chocolate, but this one I loved. Everything seems to be very clean and well-kept. I loved that they had lockers in the bathroom. Finally, Morgan was amazing. I didn’t even have to tell her anything. In fact she focused on tense muscles. I definitely could tell that she knew what she was doing. Also, I could see that they do change sheets after every customer, unlike other massage places I’ve been to. Long story short: 10 out of 5. Can’t wait to go there again.

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