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A long-standing passion of Alexandra’s is to make every room she walked in bright through a touch of healing. Hectic work schedules and tough life decisions are common stressors in our daily lives leading us to neglect our body. Alexandra’s great passion is to help people get on a wellness regime simply by taking a […]


Natalya had recently moved to Maryland from New Jersey to be closer to her family. Earlier, she ran a small business of women’s accessories and clothes. Owning a business in the fast and upscale environment taught her the value of time and family. Passionate about the belief in devoting time to yourself and giving her […]


Brian has been a licensed massage therapist since 2006. He was drawn to massage after receiving a bodywork to help to recover from various sports related injuries. His goal is to help his clients to achieve relaxation and stress reduction through each session. For Brian, helping to repair the human body is rewarding and massage […]


Violeta is focused on the needs of the client. With over 16 years experience, Violeta knows the ins and outs of skin care and knows how to treat every skin types. She believes that the technology is constantly improving and always likes to challenge herself to learn more about innovative methods. Violeta has traveled most of […]

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